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Photography by Rally Horse

Choose Rally Horse to be a part of your next photo project. You would be hard pressed to find more experience behind the camera than you will right here. We’ve photographed actors and explorers and sharks and lions and landscapes all over the world… and it would be our pleasure to shoot you too… you know what we mean.

We can join you at any stage of your shoot, from photoshoot consultation to creatively directing your shoot to turning an olympic-sized swimming pool into an immense underwater photo studio. If you have the imagination, we have the tools and the know-how to get the job done in an incredible way.

We mainly use Canon cameras and high-end lenses for our still photography although we have RED digital cinema cameras on set to add a very unique still photograph option when the situation calls for it. Shoot us a line to discuss all of this fun stuff and to see if we might be a good partner for your next photographic project.

Commercial Still Photography & Imaging

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Photographic Services

• creative direction
• cinematic marketing shoots
• artistic fashion shoots
• corporate branding imagery
• avant-garde advertising shoots
• underwater shoots
(commercial or photojournalistic)
• assignment work
• expedition photography
• architectural imaging
• commercial food photography
• image editing & manipulation
• image restoration
• curatorial work

We Love Hearing Your Ideas!

Nothing gets our creative juices flowing more than hearing an idea for a photo shoot that you might think is crazy or ridiculous.

Anything is possible! For this shoot, we turned a swimming pool into an elaborate underwater photo studio.