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Fresh eyes are absolutely necessary in this industry. After countless hours of planning and production, anyone can get numb to their own work. Allow us to peruse, critique and guide your film or writing project.

Consultation Services

Rally Horse can discuss your writing, your file management, your editing solutions or any part of your production at any step along the production journey.


This is the part that most people miss. We will help you storyboard and plan everything about your production well in advance so that actual production days aren’t left to chance.

Preproduction Services

preproduction consultation • production planning • budgeting • screenwriting • storyboarding • daily breakdown sheets • casting • location scouting


Production days are exciting and you, as the client, can be as involved as you want. Every angle will be captured in a timely manner by a top notch professional crew and top-of-the-line equipment.

Production Services

• short & feature films • documentary films • television spots • corporate branding videos • sizzle reels (highlights) • interviews • multi camera setups


We will be editing on the latest equipment and software and will work with you so that your vision comes shining through. Open communication is key and we are only done when you are satisfied.

Postproduction Services

• video editing • color correction • color grading • video formatting

Specialized Footage: Underwater

The majority of TV shows and movies have at least one underwater element to them. We have some of the best divers and underwater gear in the industry. Allow us to be your eyes underwater.

Underwater Footage Services

Imagine your underwater scenes captured with a beautifully housed RED digital cinema camera. Literally any body of water can be turned into a lit underwater studio. From deep underwater caves to kelp forests to swimming pools, we are the underwater cinematography team for you.

Specialized Footage: Aerial

The aerial perspective is a must to tell the complete story these days. Whether by drone or plane or helicopter, we can take your project into the skies. Let us know what you're wanting and we'll make it happen.

Aerial Footage Services

Specialized footage captured via drone, plane or helicopter. From SD to beyond HD aerial capture. Your only restriction is your imagination.

Commercial Video & Film Production

We believe that our work should speak for itself. Check out our demo reel. Get to know us over a cup of tea or coffee. Let us be your partner and help you find your voice. You’ll find that we are tinkerers at heart and pride ourselves on having mastered the best and most cutting edge equipment on the planet. RED Digital Cinema Cameras along with high-end cinema lenses are our primary tools of the trade and we also work with Canon Cinema Cameras, Canon DSLRs and Canon L glass when the situation calls for it.

SD output through extreme HD 4k+ resolution and beyond…the decision is yours.