Creativity is our Heart.

Mediocrity does not exist in our repertoire. If we are not proud of something, it does not leave our doors. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and do not cut corners. Every project we take on, we consider it a portfolio piece to show off to the world and you will see the difference from day one.

Visual Storytelling is our Soul.

Story is everything. Nothing can overcome an ill-designed story or purpose. It is the critical foundation that is so often forgotten. But not by us. Only when all of the elements come together, from pre-production to post-production, that something amazing happens.

We Are Not Your Normal Production House.

Our team has been face to face with some of the most interesting people, landscapes and critters on the planet. Only after a deep connection is made with a  subject, can it be properly captured on camera. Combine this with our expertise in digital marketing strategy and you have an award-winning combo.

We are a small company that provides world class results.

Three Options to Tell Your Story.

So, what are the next steps?
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Reach Rally Horse

1) The Conversation Begins

Over a cup of coffee or via the internet, we begin the journey.

Transparency is Key

After an initial discussion about your vision for your project, we can get the ball rolling.

2) Planning & Production

Once pre-planning, storyboards and concepts are locked in, we move into full production mode.

Your Vision Comes to Life

Your vision combines with our experienced, artistic touch.

3) The End Result

Previews, edits and tweaks are an integral part of the process that can make all the difference.

The Final Details

Once post-production is complete, preview sessions will begin to ensure a product worth showing off.